Issue-Related Guidelines

The California State PTA has created a number of guidelines to assist unit, council and district PTAs that are considering taking action on issues. Detailed information on the following topics can be found in the California State PTA Toolkit, 4.6 Where We Stand: Issue-Related Guidelines. Contact your PTA District president or the California State PTA at or 916.440.1986 for further assistance.

This Adobe Acrobat PDF contains the following issue-related guidelines:

  • Assessment and Testing (Education)
  • Background Checks of Mobile Food Vendors (Community Concerns)
  • Condom Availability Through the Schools (Health)
  • Dealing with Establishments That Sell Gasoline and Alcohol Concurrently (Community Concerns)
  • Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Abuse Prevention and Awareness (Health)
  • Forming a Task Force to Study and/or Implement Year-Round Education (Education)
  • Parent Involvement (Parenting Education)
  • Studying the Impact of Video Games (Community Concerns)
  • Suicide Prevention Education and Awareness (Health)
  • Termination of Pregnancy Due to Medical Emergency (Health)