PTA Spotlight Award

Applications Due – February 1

Purpose – PTA Unit Spotlight Awards recognize outstanding programs organized by PTA units. They also provide the opportunity to share your successful program with other PTA leaders throughout the State at a special California State PTA Convention workshop.

Recognitions and Prizes – Award-winning PTA Units, in 8 categories, receive:

  • Two (2) paid registrations to the California State PTA Convention
  • $100 gift certificate to be used at the PTA Store during convention
  • Special recognition on stage at the California State PTA Convention
  • Opportunity to showcase their program at a convention workshop

Categories – PTAs may apply for a Spotlight Award in the following categories:

  1. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: For training new leaders
  2. STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: For supporting students
  3. ENVIRONMENTAL: For raising environmental awareness
  4. FAMILY INVOLVEMENT: For boosting engagement
  5. MEMBERSHIP AND OUTREACH: For growing membership
  6. COLLABORATION: For partnering with business/agency
  7. ADVOCACY: For advocating on behalf of all children
  8. STUDENT INVOLVEMENT: For developing leadership

Application Tips – PTA units have the opportunity to submit an application for any or all of the above award categories with one application form.

Questions on this form are designed to cover the core elements of a successful program so that it can be replicated by other PTAs in terms of planning, organizing and implementing.

Remember to have your application form signed by your council and district president. If you have questions, please contact:

Download the application

Download the application (Spanish)