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Certain responsibilities begin as soon as new officers are elected

The president-elect should confer with the school principal and call meetings of the board-elect (elected officers and principal) soon after election. At the first of these meetings:
  • ratify appointed officers,
  • fill any vacant offices and
  • make plans for the coming year.
When appointed officers are ratified, they become part of the board-elect and are included in planning for the upcoming term.

Holding brainstorming session(s) with the board-elect to establish board goals is important.

  • Input from your membership is essential. Prepare a membership survey to be returned prior to the end of the school year where past unit activities are reviewed and suggestions for new activities are solicited.
  • Set realistic goals and prioritize projects.
  • Become familiar with National PTA and California State PTA goals and purposes.

Evaluate current chairman positions. Are all positions needed? Should there be more?

  • Ask for suggestions of people to fill chairmanships.
  • Start recruiting chairmen and committee members.
  • Strive for a balance of experienced and new members, keeping in mind that all areas of the community should be represented.
  • Select first those whose work begins immediately: program, budget and finance, and membership.
  • If the standing rules or bylaws designate some of these duties to the vice president(s) or treasurer, appoint additional members to their respective committees.
  • Call a special meeting of the board-elect to ratify the appointment of all chairmen, so they can begin their activities. The president-elect may also do this at the first executive board meeting when the term begins.
  • Become familiar with the duties of each chairman by reviewing the California State PTA Toolkit. Share job descriptions and materials as noted with the chairmen and help them to secure procedure books and materials from their predecessors. If they fail to receive procedure books, assist them in setting up their own.
  • Send names and addresses of additional executive board members to council and/or district PTA for their respective directories.

Attend training workshops offered by council or district PTA and urge attendance of incoming board
members, including committee chairmen.

The president-elect:

  • Represents the PTA unit as a delegate at the California State PTA Annual Convention. The president-elect should attend the convention orientation meeting held by the district PTA and study materials in order to be a knowledgeable delegate. Be sure to ask the current president for all information regarding convention (Toolkit, Running Your PTA).
  • Requests the outgoing presidents and officers procedure books prior to taking office and reviews them along with all other material received.
  • Coordinates with treasurer-elect to have the signature cards for bank accounts updated with new officers (as indicated in the unit bylaws) and submitted to the bank at the beginning of the new term.
  • Prepares a preliminary budget and presents it for adoption at the last association meeting of the year. To begin budget development, review the Toolkit Finance section.
Adapted from the California State PTA Toolkit: Management, Finance and Job Description sections.

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