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Prop 38 and our work to support adequate funding for our schools

This year, California State PTA partnered with the Advancement Project and an ever-growing coalition of education, civil rights, community and business groups in an effort to change the course of education funding in California and transform our schools by supporting prop 38.

Prop 38 guaranteed billions in new funding directly to our local schools.

PTA became involved in Prop 38 in response to our members who said adequate school funding was their highest priority.

Our goal was simple and straightforward:

Give voters the chance to do what our legislature has so far been unable to do  stop the chronic underfunding of our public schools and lift California from the basement in school funding.

We knew passing a measure this ambitious wouldnt be easy  and it wasnt.

The results of the November 6, 2012 election were disappointing and not what we hoped for, but we deeply respect the voters of California. We said all along that providing voters with choices is healthy for our democracy.  We congratulate Governor Brown and his supporters on the passage of Proposition 30, which will help stabilize the state budget. But, Californians must understand: We still have much work to do to bring school funding up to the levels that our children deserve and our state needs. 

PTA is committed to staying the course until our state truly does tackle this long-term school funding crisis.

California State PTA will continue to support efforts in the legislature, in the courts, on the ballot, and in communities across the state to tackle this incredibly important and difficult challenge. Our children deserve nothing less.

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Thank you to our amazing volunteers!

Thank you to the many thousands of PTA volunteers who have worked so hard and selflessly to support adequate funding for our schools. Your dedication and your knowledge is inspiring!

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