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The Communicator - Summer 2013

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Table of Contents

Bylaws Committee

01. Three Key Elements Govern all PTAs [pdf]

Communications Commission

02. Being the Publicity Chairman is great! [pdf]

Convention Commission

03. Save the Date! [pdf]

Education Commission

04. Summer Learning Loss [pdf]

Family Engagement Commission

05. Tips to Stop Literacy Loss of Summer [pdf]
06. ABC's of Male Involvement [pdf]
07. Parent Guide to Student Success [pdf]

Health Commission

08. Fire Up Your Feet! [pdf]
09. Let's Move – Active Schools [pdf]
10. School Wellness Policies 101 [pdf]
11. Understanding Teen Dating Violence [pdf]
12. Hands-Only CPR [pdf]

Leadership Services Commission

13. Good Transitions = Great Starts [pdf]
14. First Tasks for new PTA officers and chairmen [pdf]
15. PTA Board-Elect Activities [pdf]
16. Responsibilities of Officers and Chairmen [pdf]
17. PTA Annual Checklist for Success [pdf]
18. Building a Team [pdf]
19. Teamwork Essentials [pdf]
20. Identifying Leadership Strengths [pdf]
21. Start your Year Off Right! [pdf]
22. Goal Setting [pdf]
23. Strategies for Success [pdf]
24. Creating a Positive Leadership Climate [pdf]
25. Make the Most of Association Meetings [pdf]
26. Sample PTA Agenda with Phrases to Use [pdf]
27. PTA Financial Flow Chart [pdf]
28. Unit in Good Standing (English and Spanish) [pdf]

Membership Commission

29. Collecting Membership Dues Online [pdf]
30. Introducing the New Paperless Membership Card! [pdf]

Programs and Member Services Commission

31. Healthy Lifestyles Energy Balance Grant [pdf]
32. National PTA School of Excellence [pdf]
33. PTA Programs Available [pdf]
34. Awards and Grants Funds [pdf]
35. New Honorary Service Awards [pdf]
36. Family Reading Experience [pdf]
37. Family Reading Experience Graph [pdf]
38. Vocabulary Bingo [pdf]
39. Arts in Education [pdf]
40. Reflections Special Artist Division [pdf]
41. Reflections Flier [pdf]
42. Reflections Program Theme Search [pdf]

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