Welcome to California State PTA’s E-Bylaws
A new, quicker way for you to revise and update your unit PTA/PTSA bylaws!

Note that e-bylaws are available only for local units and only in English.

To use the e-bylaws system, you must request a username and password by clicking on the "Request a password" button. Once you have your password, you can proceed directly to the "Build e-Bylaws" button.

Please contact your district PTA parliamentarian for assistance.

Our next step will be the development of automatic submittal for the state parliamentarian's review, when no handwritten amendments are included.

Useful documents (all are PDF files):

California State PTA is grateful to CSM for their generous support
and development of the e-bylaws tool.

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For more information about the importance of bylaws and the bylaws review process click here
For questions, or if you are experiencing trouble completing your bylaws, contact us at info@capta.org