Historian – Introduction


A key part of the PTA historian's role is to raise awareness about the achievements, success and legacy of PTA in a community. That's why, for a PTA unit, an historian throughout the term:

  • Captures and keeps a record of its activities and successes
  • Collects and adds up its volunteer hours, on a regular basis
  • Showcases its success at PTA meetings, events and activities
  • Shares the history and legacy of PTA as a leading voice for all children

Each year, too, as an important part of the job, the historian:

  • Completes the PTA Unit – Annual Historian Report Form to send to council/ district, often in April/May, reporting total volunteer hours for the PTA year - Download here
  • Fills out the Historian's Summary Report, as a snapshot of a unit's activities for the year, filing copies in the minutes, historian's procedure book and, if applicable, the president's memory book - Download here
  • Attends council, district and State PTA training workshops for historians


2011-12 California State PTA
Volunteer Hours Reported = 18.5 million+
Dollar value: $23.29/hr. = $436.5 million+
Value of Volunteer Service = Priceless!

  • Look through last term's procedure book and historical materials and start your own procedure book
  • Brainstorm ideas to plan how and when you'll showcase your PTA's success
  • Publicize why and how you'll collect everyone's volunteer hours for PTA meetings, activities and events during the year
  • Review the PTA Unit – Annual Historian Report Form and Historian's Summary Report to be familiar with each of them
  • Read the Job Description for Historian for more details on the position - Click here

For more ideas, information and support, contact your local council or district PTA president.