Student Involvement Q&A

What questions do you have about student involvement?

The following frequently asked questions are accompanied with answers and links to previously written articles about student involvement.

Question: How can our PTA benefit by involving students?

Answer: From the grass roots of our local PTAs to National PTA, students are a vital part of our organization; bringing enthusiasm, energy, fresh ideas and focus to issues that affect them and their communities. Students of all ages are eager to be involved in implementing positive change. Inviting students to join PTA/PTSA is an excellent way to encourage their support and participation as stakeholders in their school community. An effective collaboration of students and adults helps to ensure that PTA/PTSA programs are relevant and serve the needs of the students and the school community.

Put an 'S' in your PTA

Question: Can students join our PTA or must we be a PTSA?

Answer: Students of any age are eligible to join any PTA or PTSA. However, having a PTSA demonstrates a strong commitment on behalf of the association to actively include and involve students. Becoming a PTSA requires a change in the bylaws which must be amended and forwarded to the California State PTA parliamentarian for approval.


Question: Can our PTA/PTSA have a separate membership dues amount for students?

Answer: If a unit PTA/PTSA wishes to include a student member dues structure with lower dues for students, the bylaws must be amended and forwarded to the California State PTA parliamentarian for approval. The student membership dues must be high enough to include per capita dues to the council (if in council), district PTA, California State PTA and national PTA. Each student member must receive a membership card.

Student membership dues structure

Question: Can students be PTA/PTSA board members?

Answer: Students, upon payment of membership dues, are given the same privileges and responsibilities as any other member of the association. Students may serve in any PTA/PTSA office. All officers, adults and students alike, must perform duties of the office as outlined in the bylaws. Students are encouraged to work together with parents and teachers as a team; developing skills as advocates and community leaders.

Legal issues to consider when involving students

Question: How do we begin to develop student involvement in our school?

Answer: Form a student involvement committee whose membership includes students and adults.

  • Survey the community to find out what types of activities students identify as having value and will encourage their involvement.
  • Develop a plan for student membership and involvement.
  • Seek input from all students – not just those who are traditionally seen as leaders.
  • Reach out to other groups to co-sponsor events or activities of interest to students. Publicize activities through various types of media.
  • Evaluate activities and accomplishments.

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Question: What types of board positions and duties are appropriate for our students?

Answer: Students should be considered for any office or appointed position that is appropriate for their age in elementary, middle or junior, and high school.

Templates for developing student involvement

Question: How can we promote PTA/PTSA involvement to our students?

Answer: Students will join PTA/PTSA if they understand the relevance of PTA to their education as well as the opportunities and experience they may gain. As they attend school, they are motivated by the possibility of positive change. PTA/PTSA offers students the opportunity to advocate for a cause. Through PTA/PTSA, students have a voice even before they turn 18. Students additionally gain skills and opportunities in leadership, public speaking, decision-making, conflict resolution, planning and implementing programs and events, community service and personal growth and development.

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As PTA/PTSA members, high school seniors are eligible to apply for a Graduating High School Senior Scholarship of $500. Applications are due in the California State PTA office by February 1.

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