California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE)
CABE focuses on promoting equity for students with diverse cultural, racial and linguistic backgrounds. Information is available about bilingual education, conferences and newsletters.

California Head Start Association
Head Start is a federally funded child development program for very low-income young children and their families.

California Parent Center
The California Parent Center is a statewide program that promotes parent involvement in education to enhance student success and academic achievement with a focus on Title I schools. They provide monthly e-news about California schools and information on the trainings offered by the Parent Center.

Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE)
PIQE is a community-based organization that works with school districts to increase parent involvement in the educational process. Its focus is helping low-income, ethnically diverse parents participate in the education of their children.

Josephson Institute of Ethics (Character Counts)
Character Counts! provides extensive training programs and a wide range of age-appropriate teaching aids for parents and character educators.

ParentingTeensOnline is an interactive, monthly eMagazine and website created especially for the parents of teenagers. Subscription is voluntary and free, and provides parents with solutions and tools to help them deal with and understand the issues and events in every teen's life.


California Department of Education
This is the website for the California Department of Education. You can also check what is going on with the State Board of Education at this site.

California Volunteers
The mission of CaliforniaVolunteers is to increase the number and impact of Californians engaged in service and volunteerism.

California Legislative Information
This is the website for legislative information: your legislators, pending and past bills and California codes.

California Teachers Association

Statewide education policy research nonprofit coalition; who produces parent guides, fact sheets, and publications, which clarify complex California education policy issues.

Family Involvement Network of Educators (FINE)
FINE is part of the Harvard Family Research Project for effective family-school-community partnerships. They inform families and communities about various resources as well as new approaches to full partnership with schools.

First Day Foundation
The First Day Foundation is a non-profit organization, which is committed to improving student learning through encouraging and supporting increased parental involvement in education. The Foundation provides free materials to help schools and communities develop their own First Day celebrations custom tailored to local needs and circumstances. The Foundation is not a grant-making organization.

Great Schools
Great Schools is an independent, nonprofit organization. It’s a free online guide to K-12 schools where you can find information on school profiles, compare schools, standardized tests, gifted and talented programs, special education, etc.

National Center for Families and Communities Connected with the Schools
This website provides information on how families and communities can work together to support schools.

National Fatherhood Initative (NFI)
NFI’s mission is to improve the well being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, and committed fathers.

National Network for Partnership Schools
This is Joyce Epstein's website that elaborates on her 6 types of parent involvement (the model advocated by the California Department of Education) and other useful information. The network brings together schools, districts, and states committed to developing and maintaining comprehensive programs of school-family-community partnerships.

National PTA
National PTA provides information on effective parenting and nationally established programs to host in your school and community. National PTA has their Our Children magazine and the new Parent Newsletter (available online). National PTA has a collection of resources available in Spanish.

Parent Education Resources
This site provides information in English and Spanish for new parents – topics include: Is your child ready for Kindergarten?, The Kindergarten Survival Handbook, Workshops, Parenting tips, etc.

Public Education Network
The PEN website offers a rich variety of resources. Be sure to check out their "engaging the public" link and "action briefs".

The National Center for Fathering is an online resource for every day dads. Created by the National Center for Fathering, provides research-based training, practical tips and resources to help men be the involved fathers, grandfathers, and father figures children need.

The National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education (NCPIE)
This website provides resources on parent involvement. NCPIE and PEN (Public Education Network) collaborate in producing "action briefs" for organizations.