The PTA MORE® Alliance (Men Organized to Raise Engagement)

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This year more than one million men across America will visit schools through programs of the National PTA MORE® Alliance (Men Organized to Raise Engagement). Male involvement remains a key resource for recruiting new PTA members. The MORE Alliance offers ready-to-use programs that will help you quickly add relevance, membership and capacity to your PTA. MORE Alliance programs can:

  • Increase PTA membership and expand leadership
  • Increase male involvement and provide positive role models in schools
  • Guarantee hundreds of additional parent volunteer hours in every school
  • Provide PTA-branded programs for schools that contribute to student success by:
    • Increasing student achievement and test scores
    • Providing adult assistance in the classroom and after school
    • Creating an atmosphere of security
    • Decreasing disruptive behavior
    • Preventing instances of bullying
    • Providing additional learning experiences for the children
    • Channeling more community resources to schools

For more information on PTA MORE partners, go to: