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Teen Driver Safety Program
Looks To Engage Students And Save Lives

All it takes sometimes is a second of distraction fiddling with a cell phone or iPod behind the wheel to propel a driver into a serious, life-altering car accident. In a society as technologically geared up as ours, with every manner of electronic and mechanical gadgetry at our fingertips, driver distraction is becoming a very real issue. And the greatest offenders, it’s no surprise, are those with the least amount of driving experience: teenagers.

California's New "Toolkit" for Parents Provides Underage Drinking Prevention Tips

Alcohol is by far the most used and abused drug among America's teenagers.
But, how much do parents know about the problem?

"Tips for Parents: Underage Drinking In California...What Can You Do?" provides important information for parents, and other adults, about the problems associated with underage drinking. This booklet includes sections on common myths about alcohol, warning signs that your kids may be drinking, how youth obtain alcohol, and some prevention tips parents can use to help combat the problem.

Developed by the California Governor's Prevention Advisory Council's Underage Drinking Prevention Workgroup, "Tips for Parents: Underage Drinking In California...What Can You Do?" can be downloaded at

Or, if you would like a hard copy of "Tips for Parents..." or to inquire about making the booklet state specific, contact Wendy Tully of the California Attorney General's Office at

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