Cultural Arts


*NEW DUE DATE* - October 15


Applicants must be a unit, council or district PTA in good standing.


Each year, the California State PTA Scholarship and Grant Committee carefully reads and vets each application. All applicants are notified of their status in February.

PTAs selected for grant funding receive a letter of congratulations and recognition certificate from California State PTA along with a check and a grant report form.

Cultural Arts Grants (on average $500 to $2,000)

Cultural Arts Grants are available for a variety of PTA programs and projects that develop and implement student-centered cultural arts programs focused on arts education such as:

  • Performing Arts assemblies
  • Arts communications brochures
  • Fine and Performing Art demonstrations
  • Storytellers
  • Read-a-thons
  • Art docent programs

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Questions? – Please contact the California Sate PTA Scholarship and Grant Chairman at:

Grant Recipients – Cultural Arts Grants

Eastwood Elementary School PTA, 33rd District PTA – $1,249

The PTA received a grant to bring an arts program, Meet the Masters, to campus. This program is a comprehensive art curriculum that introduces Monet, Van Gogh and 35 other Master Artists to K-8 students.

Each artist unit begins with a multi-media assembly with slides, artist voices and music where students learn about the life and famous works of a Master Artist. A program docent teaches art style, technique, and history of the artists with interactive questions and multi-media content.

Back in the classroom, students work on a self-guided follow-up packet. After learning about the inspiration and techniques of a Master Artist, every classroom is transformed into an art studio and the young artists are led through a project in the style of the Master Artist.

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School PTA, 1st District PTA – $2,000

The PTA unit was awarded a grant to help cover the cost of supplying an Art Lab and bringing a visiting, clay artist to each classroom to teach an art based project.

The Art Lab, accessible to every class, provides teachers with a place to take their classes to do art-based projects that tie into district curriculum and the VAPA standards.

For example, kindergarten students study the masters including Kandinsky and Van Gogh while fourth grade students make California missions from clay.

Winifred Pifer PTA, 24th District PTA – $1,000

The PTA received a grant to maintain an Art Docent Program designed 12 years ago. When the program was created, a professional artist developed 3 years of art lessons for grades K-5 and trained parent docents to teach the modules with the support of classroom teachers.

After program funding was cut, a teacher coordinator began to teach parent volunteers once a month after school. Parent Art Docents are trained in lessons based on samples of fine artwork. This allows students to be taught art history and art techniques from another culture. Each parent volunteer also follows a lesson plan and the teacher coordinator organizes and provides materials for each lesson.

Emerson Elementary School PTA, Peralta District PTA – $250

The PTA unit was awarded a grant to promote student-centered cultural arts and to celebrate the Mexican heritage of many of its students by inviting the Ballet Folklorico Costa de Oro to perform at their school.

The dance troupe performs folk music and dance from various regions of Mexico, bringing together this popular art form of dance, music, theater and poetry. With this program, students gain an opportunity to see the diverse cultures and colorful dresses of Mexico.

Building on a Ballet Folklorico workshop taught by a parent volunteer, the project truly enriches all students' appreciation of this vibrant art form.

Walt Disney PTA, 32nd District PTA – $620

The PTA unit received a grant for an all-day art event, "Art-A-Palooza", where students, teachers and parent volunteers come together to make art, indoors and out, and have a really fun time! Every grade completes 3 projects that day, allowing students to let their creative minds explore vastly different mediums.

The funds will also maintain a multi-year, painted mural project developed with the kindergarteners last year. The mural, a large hanging canvas on permanent display in the school's hall, depicts the trunk and branches of a tree.

The tree will evolve and change as the kindergarten class moves through its years on campus. Students' handprints - expressed in the form of colorful birds - were memorialized last year and, next year, as first graders, students will add to the canvas art with more animal designs such as owls, bees and butterflies.

Arroyo Vista Charter PTA, 9th District PTA – $1,025

The PTA received funding for a special Literature Week to give students exposure to literature, drama and visual art while reinforcing the California curriculum.

The kick off is a special assembly, Literature Comes to Life; an engaging experience that combines literature and drama. Students are assigned roles in various story genres and the entire assembly uses dramatic expressions so everyone is involved in the performance.

Other activities for Literature Week include a Dr. Seuss Trivia Contest, selected Read-Aloud Books on morning broadcasts by the principal, Book Float Parade where students create a book float of their favorite books, creation of classroom posters of favorite books, and a Rise and Read activity where parents and students arrive early to read their favorite book together.