PTA Programs - Introduction

Programs are at the heart of what PTA does best - enriching the lives of children and their families. They provide opportunities for a PTA to boost student achievement, family engagement, community involvement, school spirit and your PTA profile on campus.

As you plan your PTA year, check out what's available to put together a great student activity, family engagement night or community awareness event for your school campus. And, find out more about the PTA programs designed to build and grow your PTA.

Programs and Member Services Commission - Overview

The Programs and Member Services Commission plays a key role in supporting and encouraging the efforts of local PTAs in California to improve the lives of children and their families.

It coordinates the development, promotion and implementation of programs offered through California State PTA. And, it seeks opportunities to design new programs, in partnership with other organizations, to enhance the work of local PTAs.

Programs offered through National PTA are also promoted and highlighted by the commission.

In addition, the commission works with the California State PTA office to:

  • Review, promote, and publish the materials of the California State PTA
  • Coordinate service mailings to distribute to unit, council, and district PTA leaders

Commission Chairmen and Coordinators - A number of chairman and coordinator positions on the Programs and Member Services Commission manage and reinforce our signature PTA programs. As State PTA volunteers, they focus on the administration, development and promotion of programs related to:

  • PTA Recognition Awards and Service Awards
  • PTA Scholarships and Grants
  • National PTA Reflections Arts Recognition Program
  • PTA Historians and Founders Day

The main focus of the commission is to build, showcase and deliver dynamic programs to facilitate your local PTA's efforts to meet the needs and aspirations of your school community.