STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics


California State PTA believes every child should have access to quality education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). California State PTA works to support efforts to improve STEM education, enabling more students to acquire skills for access to higher education and employment in the 21st century workforce.

Why is STEM education important?

Listen to a few public service announcements recently aired on Radio Disney AM 1310.

Chair of the State Assembly Education Committee Joan Buchanan

San Francisco Unified School District Superintendent Richard Carranza


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What is California State PTA doing to advocate for STEM education?

Special Guests:

  • California State PTA Vice President for Education Dianna MacDonald
  • Member of the California State PTA Board of Managers Dr. Alison Wiscombe

What do parents need to know about STEM education?

Click here for more information about California State PTA's resolution on STEM education.

Click here for more information about PTA's Science Rocks! program and the Next Generation Science Standards. Also, take a look at photos from Science Rocks assemblies in the Bay Area.


No Cost Ideas

  • Advocate for additional course offerings and opportunities for your children at their school and for STEM fields to be a priority in the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).
  • Find PTA members who work in STEM fields and arrange for them to speak with classes about opportunities in these areas.
  • Work with your school staff to start a math club or science club or computer club, looking to particularly encourage membership by girls and groups often underrepresented in these fields.
  • Ask a high school math/science teacher to come speak at your middle school PTA meeting about the courses offered and what the different four-year plans might be in STEM classes.
  • Distribute the "Online STEM Activities and Reference Sources" handout on paper or electronically to parents and teachers at your school.
  • Print up the PTA Parents' Guide To Student Success for each grade level from the California State PTA website and bring them to a PTA meeting, giving examples of ways parents can support their child's education in Common Core mathematics.

Cost-Associated Ideas

  • Organize an evening or after-school event with an outside vendor for students and their parents. For example, astronomy night with telescopes, science night with small experiments, engineering night with building a circuit.
  • Subsidize a field trip with scientific significance--whale watch, planetarium, etc.
  • Sponsor an assembly on a topic related to STEM.

Take a look at more ideas on what your PTA can do to promote STEM education.

Resources to spark your student's interest in science

Check out these sites for great resources, information and ideas about STEM and how you can help spark your student's interest in science.