How To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Celebrate National PTA Teacher Appreciation Week
First Full Week of May
California Day of the Teacher
Second Wednesday in May

Semana de Reconocimiento a los Maestros

Teacher Appreciation Week offers the opportunity for citizens to reaffirm their commitment to parent-teacher partnerships.

Here are some ideas you can use to plan activities to recognize the teachers in your school and community and to increase public awareness about the important work teachers do.

    National PTA Teacher Appreciation Week: Activity Ideas
  • Create and display posters, banners, and fliers in schools and in the community promoting Teacher Appreciation Week and the California Day of the Teacher.
  • Discuss ways to honor teachers with students in your PTSA. Work together to honor teachers.
  • Brainstorm with your school principal about significant ways to honor the staff through the year.
  • Contact area merchants, business and community groups to invite their participation.
  • Plant a tree or flowers on the school property. Bring bouquets to school. Provide a nutritious brunch. Wash cars or windshields.
  • Give teachers positive feedback on their teaching by sending a thank you note. Encourage parents and students to do likewise.
  • Design a resource file for your school that includes names of parents and family members who are willing to use their expertise to assist teachers on projects and activities.
  • Publish proclamations in the PTA newsletter and post them in the school.
  • Request that your mayor or county board of supervisors issue a proclamation in observance of Teacher Appreciation Week or California Day of the Teacher.
  • Coordinate an event for teachers sponsored by community organizations. Invite press and media coverage.
  • Call in to radio talk shows early and tell the host or hostess what your PTA is doing for teacher appreciation.
  • Think about beginning a year-long project to tell your teachers how important they are.

Sample Proclamation

PTA Teacher Appreciation Week
PTA Day of the Teacher Appreciation

Whereas, a strong, effective system of free public education for all children and youth is essential to our democratic system of government; and

Whereas, the United States and the State of California has made considerable progress in the social, technological, and scientific fields due to our system of free and universal public education; and

Whereas, much of this progress can be attributed to the qualified and dedicated teachers entrusted with the educational development of our children; and

Whereas, teachers should be accorded high public esteem, reflecting the value the community places on public education; and

Whereas, PTA is keenly aware of the importance of teachers in children's reaching their full potential; and

Whereas, it is appropriate that teachers be recognized for their dedication and commitment to educating our children;

Now, therefore, I, <name of official/s>, <mayor/governor/city council/school board> of the <city/state> of <name of city/state>, do hereby proclaim <date>, as PTA Teacher Appreciation Week in <name of city/state> and urge all citizens to pay tribute to our public school teachers.


signature              date