PTA Health Resolutions

Antibiotic Resistance Awareness

PTAs resolve to work with public health authorities, the medical community, and health care providers to educate parents and community members concerning antibiotic resistance, its causes, and the steps that can be taken to reduce and inhibit its spread.

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Clean Hands Save Lives
Tips, videos, downloadable posters and more.

How to Prevent the Spread of Respiratory Illnesses

Como Prevenir el Contagio de Enfermedades Respiratorias

Inappropriate Antibiotic Use Puts Teen in Hospital

"Where To Wash" CDC poster [pdf]

The California Medical Association Foundation has initiated a long-term, statewide effort to promote the appropriate use of antibiotics called, Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education, (AWARE).

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Awareness in Schools

The California State PTA supports the acquisition of AEDs for the school campuses; encourages the implementation of Public Access Defibrillator Programs that include maintenance, testing and designated site staff training requirements; and encourages community collaboration for the purchase of AEDs and the implementation of Public Access Defibrillator Programs that include training, testing and records management.

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AED and PAD programs, purchase, training and maintenance

The Via Foundation

American Heart Association

Breakfast in Every School

Text of Resolution

Breakfast First webinars [pdf]

Breakfast First: School District Spotlight [pdf]

Breakfast First: The Benefits of School Breakfast [pdf]

Breakfast First: What PTAs Can Do to Put Breakfast First [pdf]

BreakfastFirst campaign flier (Spanish) [pdf]

BreakfastFirst campaign flier [pdf]

Breakfast First

Action for Healthy Kids

California Action for Healthy Kids

Computer Workstation Health

This resolution seeks to educate schools districts, parents and the community about workstation ergonomics and computer use posture, and promote awareness of the danger of repetitive stress injuries. It is recommends that all computer workstations in schools be ergonomically correct and adjustable to fit the needs of students and teachers of all sizes.

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Workstation design and lighter backpacks key to long-term health

Credentialed School Nurses

Credentialed school nurses are critical to ensure that our children are healthy, able to learn and learn to be healthy. The credentialed school nurse, with specialized medical background, academic preparation and professional skill, is a school staff member especially qualified to strengthen the educational process through improvement of the health status of students and to develop and provide leadership for the school site's comprehensive school health program.

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Investments in school nursing pays off

  • financially by reducing absenteeism, controlling liability risk and increasing revenue, and in
  • academic achievement, as research shows clear connections between improved student health and gains in student achievement.

School Nurse Day – May observance [pdf]

School Nurses: Healthy children learn better! [pdf]

Diabetes Management in School

California Health Education

California School Nurses Organization

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis in Schools

The use of effective policies on the management of food allergies in schools addressing the three components of: information and awareness, avoidance, and emergency response, is likely to save the lives of children with allergies. In addition to education, PTA encourages schools and school districts to have policies and procedures in place that provide adequate training of designated school personnel in the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction according to California Education Code 49414, include the availability of emergency epinephrine auto-injectors, include the training of designated school personnel in the use of the auto-injectors to provide emergency medical aid to persons suffering from an anaphylactic reaction, and that grant students authorization to self administer epinephrine, if appropriate safeguards are put into place.

Text of Resolution

Food allergies in school settings

Food Allergy

Activities and Food Allergies [pdf]

Healthy Lifestyles for All Children

Through this resolution PTA

  • encourages school districts and individual schools to improve the nutritional content and quality of foods and beverages provided or sold to students on campus
  • encourages the sale of nutritious foods and beverages during and before school hours
  • supports actions that provide for high-quality daily physical education programs for all children in kindergarten through grade 12
  • promotes nutrition and health education for parents, students, teachers and community members that addresses the issue of overweight and obese children as well as healthy nutrition and regular exercise for all children
  • encourages alternatives to selling low nutrition, high fat and/or highly sweetened foods and beverages when school organizations elect to fundraise.

Text of Resolution

Model School Wellness Policies

Harvest of the Month

Healthy After-School Snacks

Healthy Kids Learn Better!

Free, Fresh Drinking Water Is Now Required

Limiting sugar: Reducir las bebidas azucaradas [pdf]

Limiting sugar-sweetened beverages [pdf]

Local School Wellness Policy Resources

Physical Activity: Every Minute Counts (CaAFHK) [pdf]

Sugary Drink Facts

School Nutrition by Design

California Action for Healthy Kids

Team California for Healthy Kids

HIV/STD Prevention Education in Our Schools

Comprehensive sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention education in schools provides pupils with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect themselves from unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. PTA promotes current, medically accurate, age-appropriate, comprehensive sexual health and HIV/STD prevention education in the schools be taught by instructors trained in the appropriate courses. Further PTAs are encouraged to provide available current medically accurate educational programs and materials to parents about comprehensive sexual health and HIV/STD prevention education.

Text of Resolution

California Health Education

Guidelines for HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction (9/2011)

HIV/STD prevention

Indoor Air Quality in Schools

PTA will work with local school boards to adopt policies and practices that promote healthy IAQ, including but not limited to the use of IAQ management plans, proper maintenance techniques such as adherence to heating, ventilation and air conditioning system standards, protocols to reduce pesticide use, and the use of low-toxic classroom materials and cleaning supplies. PTA also supports legislative and regulatory efforts to reduce IAQ pollutants in schools, including securing full funding for IAQ-related assessments, construction, maintenance and repair of school facilities, creating IAQ standards and guidelines for schools, and providing incentives for IAQ-friendly school construction and renovation.

Text of Resolution

Guidelines for Asthma Management

Indoor Air Quality

Environmental Protection Agency

Indoor air quality: Green cleaning in schools [pdf]

Indoor air quality: Green school cleaning supplies are safer for kids [pdf]

American Lung Association

Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America

American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI)

Sun Safety: Skin Cancer Prevention Measures at School

Text of Resolution

Sun Safety and Skin Cancer Prevention

Sun Safety: Action steps for sun safety [pdf]

Sun Safety: Reducing the risk of skin cancer [pdf]

American Cancer Society

Sun Safety and Skin Cancer Prevention

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