Outreach Translation


*NEW DUE DATE* - October 15


Applicants must be a unit, council or district PTA in good standing.


Each year, the California State PTA Scholarship and Grant Committee carefully reads and vets each application. All applicants are notified of their status in February.

PTAs selected for grant funding receive a letter of congratulations and recognition certificate from California State PTA along with a check and a grant report form.

Outreach Translation Grants (on average $500 to $2,000)

Outreach Translation Grants are available for a variety of PTA programs and projects such as:

  • Translating PTA information and materials including items such as flyers, handouts or website content into other languages
  • Translation at PTA meetings, programs and events
  • Activities to build and strengthen a PTA's central involvement in its school community
  • Programs to enhance family/ school communications and partnerships
  • Activities to encourage and facilitate the engagement of non-English-speaking parents in PTA meetings, programs and events

To ApplyDownload application or Apply Online

Questions? – Please contact the California Sate PTA Scholarship and Grant Chairman at: grants@capta.org

Grant Recipients – Outreach Translation

Mariano Castro Elementary School PTA, 6th District PTA – $2,000

The PTA unit received a grant to facilitate translation of PTA meeting agendas, minutes and promotional materials for upcoming events. Parent volunteer forms, volunteer job descriptions, fall and spring afterschool programs and newsletters were also translated.

To help communicate more effectively with Spanish speaking families in their community, an interpreter attends PTA general meetings and other PTA sponsored events. And, the availability of the materials and services is well publicized on campus using bulletin boards, posters and flyers.

The translation of PTA materials provides opportunities to reach deeper into Castro's parent community and engage parents more effectively.

Montebello PTA Council, 33rd District PTA– $2,000

The PTA Council was awarded a grant to buy translation equipment to rely on for meetings and training workshops to ensure inclusion and involvement.

With this equipment, an interpreter translates the proceedings into Spanish at every board and council meeting, every workshop conducted and any unit meeting at which the council PTA assists to better serve their Spanish speaking leaders and members.

By committing to translation at their meetings and workshops and having translators for all events, they hope to improve parent engagement.

12th District PTA – $1,000

12th District PTA received a grant to purchase interpretation equipment to provide immediate English to Spanish translation for non-English speaking leaders and members at district leadership trainings and program events.

In addition, the grant enables the district leadership team to supplement training workshops with translated materials for distribution at the unit level.

23rd District PTA – $1,500 Grant

The district PTA was awarded a grant to provide interpretation services for their members. The grant enabled the district PTA to buy interpretation equipment with headsets and to bring in a Spanish interpreter for trainings, events and programs.

23rd District serves over 250 PTA units within 10 councils. In partnership with the Riverside County Office of Education, it promotes parent, family and community involvement across the county.

It also plans to provide training, mentoring, information and guidance for advocates, who assist them in becoming successful leaders, by facilitating proper communication methods for under-represented groups.