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Reflections Judging – Tips on Student Entries

Student Reflections' art entries at a school are first recognized, judged and celebrated by the local PTA unit as an important part of the National PTA program.

Selecting an impartial and qualified judging panel is a key aspect of maintaining the integrity and success of the Reflections Program at your school.



Provide your judging panel with a rubric to assess student artwork along with the rules for each art category. When preparing student artwork for your judging panel, remember to check that student entries:

  • Meet the Reflections Program criteria in each art area as outlined in the Reflections Program rules including:
    • Size and mounting of artwork for visual arts or photography entries
    • Length and format of entry for musical, dance, film/ video or literature pieces
  • Allow for blind judging with no student names displayed

Local Due Dates – Contact your council and district PTA for their local due date to submit your unit's Reflections entries for next level of the program. Remember to check the number of unit entries that may be submitted to your council/ district PTA for the Reflections Program.

Quick Tips – Finding Judges

For recruiting judges, consider tapping into the talented pool of local artists, performers and teachers in your community. To get started, compile a list and contact a variety of people involved in the local art scene including:

  • Artists, artisans and art docents
  • Teachers from other schools participating in the Reflections Program
  • Art, literature, dance, film, drama, journalism, photography and music professors at local colleges/universities
  • Community Art Leagues and Art association directors and board members
  • Professional photographers and local portrait studios
  • Art museum directors, curators and historians
  • Musicians, music teachers and choral directors
  • Dance studios, ballet schools and dance instructors
  • Actors, performers, drama teachers and theater managers
  • Writers, poets, playwrights and dramatists
  • Symphony orchestra directors, conductors and composers
  • Multimedia/ video production company managers, editors and directors
  • Newspaper reporters, journalists, editors, publishers and photographers
  • Television and radio stations, production crews and station managers
  • Arts advocacy organizations' presidents, directors and board members

For your judging panel, selecting individuals with different artistic interests will be useful for assessing students' artwork in each category. In this way, your judging panel will also represent your local arts community.

Celebrate Student Creativity

The Reflections Program is designed to celebrate students' creativity, grow their imagination and encourage their exploration of the arts.

That's why all student participants should be recognized for their artistic efforts and achievements.

Consider showcasing student participants with the presentation of special items such as certificates, ribbons, medals, buttons or trophies as part of the Reflections Awards event at your school.

For more information and ideas, contact your local council or district PTA.

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